Specializes in organizing seminars and workshops at regular intervals

Special features:
  • All seminars are audio-visually supported
  • Workshops and seminars are organised in the premise of Manthan institute.
  • Corporate clients, organizations, and other groups are welcome to inquire about conducting seminars at their chosen premises.
  • A minimum of 6 participants are required to hold a seminars
Corporate Counselling
Corporate Workshops & Seminars

MANTHAN provides customized workshops and seminars to the corporate and professional community. These services are aimed to assist issues that arise in corporate settings. They support health promotion programs that teach and encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle.
Preventing problems and promoting a healthier work force boosts the health of both, the employee and the organization. We currently offer following seminars in interactive work- shop formats that offer useful information on related issues.

• Types of Communication
• Barriers to Communication
• Being an effective communicator
• Psychological bases of motivation
• Motivation at work
• Designing motivating jobs
• Motivating peers/subordinates
• Nature of Time
• Different types of Time
• Prioritizing Time
• Peak time and performance
• Efficient time-management
• Nature of Stress
• Types of Stress
• Causes of Stress
• Stress and Performance
• Techniques of de-stressing
• How attitudes are formed
• How they are maintained
• How to change attitudes
• Setting goals
• Building Self-esteem
• Overcoming negative self-talk
Topics for interactive seminars
  • Breaking Emotional Barriers: Learning about how our emotions control our lives and how to manage them.
  • Energy of Anger : The emotion that is usually perceived as destructive, can be made to work positively for us.
  • Fear facts: Most fear arises only of finery. to see their truth and overcome then for true freedom.
  • Subjective stress and Tensions: Universal phenomena of stress can be easily overcome. The simple techniques can go a long way to deal with stress that can otherwise create major health and happiness rezards.
Topics for workshops with practical involvement
  • Communication skills
  • Assertiveness training
  • Body language messages
Please book in advance.