Personality Development Course

A good personality lays a foundation for successful, happy and contented life.

What is personality?
Personality is a combination of internal and external attributes that contribute towards fulfilling aspirations of life.
Achieve success in all aspects of life- Personal, Social, Professional and in every relationship.

How does it help?
A good personality is an asset that can provide positive contribution to every sphere of life – getting a job, building and maintaining good relationships, achievements in business, personal growth, respectful status in society and community, harmony in family life and much more can be achieved by following the principles taught in this course.

Course Contents:

✔ Communication: Verbal- When and what to say? How and how much to say? Art of listening
✔ Body Language: Gestures, Smile and Handshakes
✔ Socializing: Etiquette, Social language and behaviour
✔ Entertaining- Be a host/hostess to be admired and remembered
✔ Etiquette: Meeting new people, acquaintances any where
✔ Travelling: Short or long travel in India or abroad
✔ Developing Individuality: Secret of being popular. Discover your strength
✔ E.Q: Emotional quotient, Managing emotions like anger, fear, frustrations, criticism, shyness..
✔ Health and Fitness: Diet, Exercise, Relaxation, Recreation
✔ Positive Attitudes: Develop perseverance- Never give up, Realize your inner strength & Go
✔ Motivation: Looking ahead, Preparing for secure future
✔ Finance: Security, Budgeting
✔ Organization: Planning, Executing in all aspects of life
✔ Managing Stress: Identifying and warding off of triggers
✔ Time management: Scheduling to find time for every thing
✔ Assertiveness- Learn to say ‘no’ when necessary
✔ Confidence: Self Esteem, Self image, Self worth
✔ Self Management: Goal setting, Achieving to find success and happiness
✔ New beginning: Start afresh. Learn from past, Live for today, Look at future

Special features:

★ Audio-visual support
★ Lectures in English. Intermittently explained in Hindi
★ Main topic points given in Xerox form
★ Inter-active class- everyone is encouraged to participate
★ Group discussions and individual talks
★ Practicals for grooming, entertaining, introductions....
★ Field trip participation for experience in socializing....(optional)
★ Contributory get-together to experience meeting new people...(optional)
★ In-door and out-door activities

  Duration: 16 sessions (2 hours each-) - Thrice-a- week (Mon. Wed. Fri)
Timings: 4.30 to 6.30 p.m.
Duration: 8 sessions (4 hours each) – Once-a week (Saturday)
Timings: 2.30 to 6.30 p.m.
Fees: Rs. 9,000/- + Rs. 500/- (Registration Charges)