Early Childhood Care Education Diploma Course

‘‘MANTHAN’ offers a comprehensive course in ECCE- Early Childhood Care Education. This professional ‘Diploma Course prepares its candidates to enter the highly respected and rewarding field of education. The modern education thought emphasizes that early childhood education lay the foundation for life-long learning and whole person development. The core value of early childhood education today lies in “child- centeredness”

Our aim:

We intend to make you effective childcare professionals and teachers par excellence.
The curriculum for the ECCE Diploma Course is developed by child care professionals and psychologists. It will help to understand a child’s natural growth patterns and related behaviour. It thus prepares you to deal with a child’s emotional, social, physical, and educational needs and development.


What will you learn? What choices can you make?
The course is very practical and experience-oriented from the start. You work with young children. You explore the fascinating world of pre-primary children and pre-primary education. You also go deeper into backgrounds and skills that are important to learn for every teacher. You are continually challenged to work actively on your personal growth, on the basis of your interests and future dreams. As a result, you gradually develop your own style in dealings with pre- primary children. You learn to perform the specific tasks of a pre-primary teacher.

Where can you work?

As a class teacher in a primary school you are responsible for a group of pre- primary children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. But you will be often required to take on multitask responsibilities, e.g. some time you are their art/craft teacher while at other times you are the choreographer and dance master or/and also be their P.E. teacher. You may take on the role of care taker, or teach language to children who speak different language. Needless to say you need to enjoy everything that children enjoy doing and that is the path you will follow to teach them.

Course Benefits:

  • ♦ Teaching in pre-primary school

  • ♦ Work as centre/school head, a school supervisor, administrator or principal

  • ♦ Curriculum planner

  • ♦Starting your own preschool

  • ♦ Working as an educational consultant

  • ♦ Writing children’s books/articles/columns in magazines

Besides educational field, you can also work at:

  • ♦ Child care centers

  • ♦ NGOs running social service centers

  • ♦ Orphanages

  • ♦ As an education assistant in socio-cultural organizations or museums,

  • ♦ As an administrator in a responsible role in day care centers

  • ♦ Teaching privately, giving tuitions and coaching

  • ♦ Entrepreneurship in educational programs (Brain Gym, Abacus, etc.)

  • ♦ Entrepreneurship of educational teaching materials (books, teaching aids, games, etc.)

What will you be required to do?:
  In the school you will be required to participate in all sorts of projects, e.g. curriculum formation, interacting with parents, inculcating discipline, understanding and dealing with emotional fluctuation in children, developing expressive language besides actively getting involved in teaching the ‘3-R’s (reading, writing,’rithmatic).

You will be expected to enthusiastically participate in school activities like preparing annual day function, celebrating and presenting X-mas assembly, sports day activities, parent-teacher meetings, preparing reports and evaluating every child’s progress from time to time.
Course Eligibility:
  12th Standard, H.Sc. or equivalent 10 + 2 in any stream.
There is no age bar for enrolling in the course. One is eligible for teaching preschoolers as long as one is physically fit and has no difficulty in performing routine tasks involved in teaching.

Course Highlights:
  Excellent course for teachers and mothers
The scientific knowledge of child development and child psychology incorporated in the course makes this course very suitable for young parents, particularly for mothers of small children and expectant mothers. This will be the best way to help their child to grow and express its potentials.
The full course duration is of about 6 months consisting of two terms. Candidates may complete the course in about 3 months by attending theory and practical classes simultaneously.

Course Contents:
  1st term Syllabus- completes in about 3 months. Timings- 11.30 to 1 pm OR 1.00 to2.30 pm OR 2.00 to 3.30 pm (All batches on Mon. Wed. Fri.)
Theory classes- (All lectures are Audio-visually supported.)
♦Child Development- Physical, Intellectual, Cognitive, Social development of a child from

♦ Pre-natal to pre-school age. Common ailments and care.

♦ Child Psychology- Emotional development in early childhood and dealing with common childhood problems related to fears, temper- tantrums, jealousy, discipline etc. Importance of play and motor development. Fostering language development.

♦ Requirements of a good nursery school- material and human resources

♦ Objectives of Early Childhood Education- Present preschool practices in India and Abroad. Influence of various philosophers on childhood education systems.

  Class work-
  • ♦ Journal work - includes curriculum planning Lesson plans to teach children Nursery Rhymes, Stories, Compositions, General Knowledge, English Language and improvement of Vocabulary, Alphabets and Number work, Environmental study, basic Concepts development.

  • ♦ Preparing pattern books for readiness-pre reading, prewriting, pre math through pattern writing

  • ♦ Workshop- Art and Craft- Preparing & presenting portfolio of paper work, origami, crayon and paint work, models etc. appropriate for nursery children.

  • ♦ Theme work on relevant subject to teach a selected concepts like Colours, Shapes, Animals, Fruits etc. through paper work, games, activities, craft etc. is presented in the form of a project.

  2nd term Syllabus- Completes in about 3 months
  • 1. This is an essential part of the course, essential to qualify for the diploma certificate.
    First part of practical training work at Rainbow school for about eight weeks. Second part in a well established school in Mumbai for about eight weeks. Promising students are often appointed as regular teachers in these schools.

  • Practical training at Rainbow Global School from 9.45 to 1.15 pm

  • Internship in other schools- Students will follow allotted school timings.

Additional Qualification Offered to Our Students as a part of ECCE Diploma Course

Pre-primary School Management Certificate Course (Separate Certificate awarded) -
This is an additional qualification offered as a part of ECCE diploma course. A special certificate is awarded to the qualifying students.


  Syllabus includes-

  • ♦ Theory and practical training to qualify for a job of school / centre head

  • ♦ Requirements to set up your own nursery school

  • ♦ Organization of space, staff, materials, equipment...

  • ♦ Curriculum planning- indoor and outdoor activities

  • ♦ Human resources- Dealing with staff teachers, parents

  • ♦ The school- Branding and Promotion.

  • ♦ Budgeting & Finance management- Investment, Fixed assets, Expense and income

  • ♦ Entrepreneurship- How to start your own nursery school?

  Students of “MANTHAN’ are trained and groomed to become excellent teachers in the field. In the history of past 45 years our unparalleled training has found innumerable candidates landing in excellent positions as teachers in reputed high schools. Many have started their own nursery schools and have succeeded.
‘MANTHAN” being the pioneer in the field has enjoyed the seniority in the field having many out station as well as students from middle east countries. Some of our students have also been successful in finding jobs in the western countries like US and UK. We provide our good students all the assistance they need to settle in their jobs e.g. preparing the transcripts for them, sending recommendations to their prospective employers etc.
We at ‘MANTHAN’ consider our primary duty to help find suitable placements for our students. And therefore no ‘MANTHAN’ candidate remains without a job if she/he wishes to be employed.

Fees: Rs. 21,000/- + Rs. 500/- (Registration Fees)