Certificate Course in Counselling
Class Profile:

This audio-visually supported certificate course aims at developing insight into people’s day to day interaction. Often posed questions like “Why is he/she doing this?”; “Why can’t he/she understand?”; “Why can’t they see the simple obvious fact?” Or doubts about self, like- “Will I be able to do this course?”, “How should I tackle this person, problem or situation?”, “What happened to my lovely daughter or obedient son, how they have changed?” etc. will find the reason and solution in the training of this short-term direct course in counselling.
Besides we try to understand why some of us lack confidence or self-esteem or enthusiasm for working or living.
The techniques and relevant theory will help the students to find answers to many of these questions. It will also help to enhance their own potential for work through application of their own enriched minds, which will experience release from many limiting blocks and thus able to function at much higher level of efficiency (Physically & Mentally).

About the course:

  • This is a short term practical course consisting of important theories and practical techniques. It helps in-

    - gaining insight into the everyday experiences while dealings with people.

    - understanding the behaviors and emotional states of others

    - improving relationships

    - promoting self confidence

    - building personality

    - encouraging enthusiasm for working, living, building relationship…..

    - motivating

    - overcoming shyness, fears, anger and other limiting emotional factors in life

    - clearing doubts about ones capacity to achieve and be successful

    - realizing ones potential

    - providing inner strength to reach goals and achieve desired position, status in life

    - Certificate of attendance and active participation in the course is provided at the end of the course

This course is highly recommended for- qualified working professionals, e.g. Medical Doctors, Para-Medicos, Corporate Employers & Employees, Teaching Faculty, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Criminologists, Writers, Social Workers or Students of Psychology and any other professionally employed persons who are constantly interacting with people. It will help them to understand the working of their client’s minds, behaviour, emotional makeup; which in turn can contribute towards improved relationship with them and providing more effective service to them.
  • Introduction- What is counselling? How it helps us to overcome emotional blocks and achieve success, health and happiness.
All lessons are audio-visually supported:
We learn-

★From Freud:
  About defence mechanisms, Concept of conscious and unconscious mind
Technique- Free association

  • ★ From Gestalt:
  • How mental processes get transcended into physical symptom, e.g. body pain, allergies etc.
  • Technique- Empty chair, Rehearsal

  • ★ From Person centered theory of Carl Rogers: supported by Carkhuff model of counselling

  • How people can themselves defeat their own purpose of being successful and happy.
    Answer to many symptom like: Procrastination, lack of motivation, doubts about self, blame- games, relationship problems etc.

  • Technique-Use of various skills and attitudes related to Carkhuff method of counselling

  • ★ From REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Theory):
  • Understanding the reasons for mental suffering and hindrance to progress
  • Learning to cope with problems at work, at home, at school-college and all around
  • Learning to deal with modern life pressures and stress
  • Technique- Changing language, Role-playing, Systematic desensitization

  • ★ From T.A. (Transactional Analysis):
  • 3 different states of personality as projected by mind and how they affect people’s life and behavior.
    Technique- Group counseling

  • ★ Seminars and workshop(extra 10 hours): Subjects
  • Understanding emotions
  • Communication Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Assertiveness training
  • Fear Facts

  • Course Fees:
  • Rs.18,500/-(Includes registration charges)
  • Hard copies of notes are distributed in the class

  • Timings:
  • Group I - 2 to 4 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Group II- 6 to 8 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Group III- 2.30 to 6 p.m. (Two classes on Saturdays)

  • Duration :
  • 8 Weeks (25 Classes- 50 hours) + 10 hours for seminars

  • Admission requirements:
  • • Working Knowledge of English
  • • Interest in learning about working of human minds
  • • Humility to accept new concepts and knowledge
  • • Interest in psychology and its application
  • • Ability to inter act.
  • • Students must come for training and should not use the course to solve their own problems
  • • (No stubborn arguments will be encouraged)

  • Criteria to earn the Certificate:
  • Minimum 90% attendance is necessary.
  • No exam, no test, no projects to be done, no assignment, no homework.
  • Certificates will be issued on the basis of class participation.