Post Graduate Counselling Diploma Course



To Promote mental and Emotional health & Growth


Objectives of the Course-

  • We impart world-class training to our candidates who can confidently practice in any part of the world.
  • We justify our status as International Affiliate Member Organization’ of WFMH- World Federation of Mental Health (Since 2006).
  • We train and groom candidates to become eligible, competent counselors
  • Our trained counselors help to relieve people of their psychological,
  • Emotional and behavioral problems through psychological intervention
  • Candidates understand counseling as a process that can be the effective instrument in changing the personality.
  • Extensive syllabus prepares our candidates to efficiently handle all types of clients who may display various symptoms of psychological distress
  • Students undergoing personal counseling sessions and then applying their knowledge to work with real clients is the unique training giving them first-hand experience of dealing with clients confidently
  • Development of awareness of ‘self’ through personal counseling sessions available to every candidate as a part of the course is a unique feature of our training process
  • Candidates attain the knowledge and skills to work effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds.
  • We help candidates to build personal qualities for their own growth and professional development.
  • We extend to realize the process and effect of counseling in its role in other professions like Clinical Psychology, Social Work, medicine and paramedical fields, law, teaching, corporate management related subjects


Program Design:

This course is offered through ‘contact program’.

What is the ‘Contact Program’?

The concept of contact program is the innovative idea introduces by MANTHAN to make it possible for candidates interested in pursuing the  profession of psychological counsellors, but are restrained right now by their jobs or because they are students at the university completing their courses.

The contact program is a combination of class-room and home study. It requires the student to attend a contact meeting once in three weeks only i.e. anyone who wants to be a student of CDC has to make himself / herself available to attend this meeting on an afternoon only once in 3 weeks for about 41/2 hours.

What do we do at this contact meeting? How does it work?

Theory: (All lectures are Audio-visually supported.)

  • The contact meetings are a very interactive and interesting class.
  • At every meeting an audio-visually supported lecture by the professor will explain the theory. 15 days prior to the meeting.
  • The theory notes are given to every student 15 days prior to the meeting which they may go-through. You will ask questions to clear your doubts.
  • You can share your experiences at the meeting with others and enrich knowledge.


Techniques Practiced:

  • The techniques related to the theories are practiced in small groups under the able supervision of the guiding psychologist.
  • Most of the important techniques used in the counselling process are practiced in detail


Case Studies:

  • Exercises to learn the application of the theories are presented as case studies. This invaluable learning process will help you to develop as a capable counselor.
  • The understanding through case-studies improves the candidate’s ability to select the most appropriate of all theories and techniques covered in this course to help the counseling process
  • Study through case-studies improves candidates’ awareness about the various kinds of psychological, emotional problems people face in life and develops empathy in them- an essential quality required in a counselor
  • Candidates meet others from different walks of life sharing the same interest in psychology and aspiring to become counselors.
  • The easy, interactive atmosphere of the class provides the freedom for expression making communication easy and enjoyable.
  • A special bonding develops among candidates who continue to be colleagues even after they complete the course

Program Structure:  

Total Duration : 15 months (approximately).  This can be reduced to 12 months by putting in extra hours in the 3rd semester by the student.

The program duration is divided into three semesters.

1st  semester Syllabus:

Emphasis is on-

  • Explaining the rationale and purpose of counseling
  • Introducing psychology as a subject to students of non-psychological background
  • Laying foundation for becoming a successful counselor

Classical psychological theories, therapy and techniques-

  • Psychoanalytical- Freud
  • Dynamic theories- Erikson, Adler
  • Existential theories- Victor Frankle and others

Humanistic, Existential theories-

  • Gestalt therapy Fritz Perls and others
  • Client centered therapy Carl Rogers
  • Reality Therapy  William Glasser
  • Behavior theories   By prominent psychologists


Other Supportive Subjects-

Communication skills- verbal, body language, listening

Yoga- Pranayam- Breathing exercises

Practical work - Rationale of the Individual Personal Counselling Sessions: 

Enhanced understanding of the self would ensure the conscious use of self, develop insight, improve understanding of the counselling process and thus, enable greater effectiveness on the part of the counsellor. To ensure this-

  • Every student will be offered 12 to 16 personal counseling sessions for practical experience.
  • The sessions are conducted on individual basis, one student per one trainer at a time.
  • Convenient time slots are offered students
  • Each student will be required choose a time slot of 45 minutes, twice-a week for personal counselling sessions.
  • Students (either working full time or living more than 25 k.m. away from Bombay Central Station) may also request for two session on the same day to save commuting time.


Seminars and work shop-

  • Following seminars are organized during the first semester. Friends, relatives are welcome as guests to attend seminars.
  • Breaking Emotional Barriers- Seminar  
  • Assertiveness Training- Workshop


G.K. hours-

  • Conscious effort is made to build a broad based platform of general knowledge among students
  • At the interactive open discussion hours subjects related to current social, legal, ethical, moral, educational issues are discussed


Camp- (Optional)

  • An overnight Yoga camp is organized to learn the techniques from professional yoga teachers


2nd semester Syllabus

Emphasis is on- developing the students as competent counselors capable of practicing independently.

  • Training in and practice of skills essential for counselling
  • To build qualities for necessary for professional growth and establishment



Contemporary psychological theories, therapy and techniques-


  • Behavior Therapy (BT)                                         Arnold Lazarus
  • REBT- Cognitive - Behavior Therapy Albert Ellis
  • Transactional Analysis Eric Berne



Understanding the symptoms, causes and application of available counselling applications and techniques to problems like     

Depression, Fears & Phobias, Anxiety related symptoms, Excessive Anger and Aggression, Abnormal Emotional behaviours, Relationship problems, Children & Adolescent’s growing problems, Stress related problems like- Hyper tension, Insomnia; Different types Manias, OCD- (Obsessive–Compulsive disorder), Substance Abuse (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs) and other behaviour, emotional and psychological problems


Other Supportive Subjects-

  • Relaxation training and Related methods e.g. Meditation
  • Systematic Desensitization


Practical work-

Supervised Control Counselling sessions:

  • Every student will counsel a volunteer client under supervision and will be guided and monitored by the trainer
  • Each student will be allowed to choose a convenient time slot of two hours each, two days per week for control counselling sessions.
  • Minimum of about 6 to 8 sessions are required for the purpose


Seminars and work-shop:

Following seminars and work-shops will be organized in this semester. Students may bring their friends, relatives as guests for seminars.

Seminar Subjects : Energy of Anger, Fear Facts, Stress and Tensions.

Workshops : Personality Points for counselors, Health, Grooming, Body language and Social Etiquette

Camp- (Optional)

An overnight social camp to visit a rural village near Mumbai to gain insight into the villager’s lifestyle, thinking, prejudices, superstitions and its effect on their emotional life and behavior.


3rd semester Syllabus

Emphasis is on-

  • This semester concentrates on offering selection of subjects for specialization. This is a mandatory part of the course.
  • Candidates may choose one (minimum) or more subjects of their choice from the list provided below.
  • Fees for the chosen subject will be paid at the end of the second semester
  • The amount for the fees will depend on the subject/s chosen which varies between Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 10,000/-
  • This part of the course provides extra proficiency to the candidates in the subject of their special interest.


Choice of subjects-

Candidates are offered a choice of following subjects for specializing in any one/more of them.


  1. Personal Adjustment Counselling (Rs. 7500/-)
  2. Students Counselling (Rs. 8500/-)
  3. Family and Relationship Counselling (Rs. 8500/-)
  4. Adolescence (Counselling (Rs. 8500/-)
  5. Medical Counselling (Rs. 9500/-)
  6. Sports Counselling (Rs. 9500/-)
  7. Industrial Counselling (Rs. 9500/-)
  8. Early Childhood Counselling (Rs. 10,000/-)through Play and Art therapy
  9. Corporate Counselling (Rs. 10,500/-)


Requirements for Specialization-

  • Hard copy of the course material will be given to students in advance.
  • Candidates will be given time to time guidance on relevant theory and procedures to be followed for practical work.
  • Candidates are required to work independently with minimum two cases in the relevant area, which will be presented for final evaluation
  • Candidates may prefer to present their work through Power Point Presentation. This is appreciated.
  • Successful candidates are advised regarding suitable job opportunities or to start their own counselling clinic.
  • A separate certificate is awarded for the Specialization subject at the completion of the course.


Presentation- (Optional)

Students are guided and encouraged to make a power point presentation for their class on any relevant subject related to socio- economic-psychological issues.


Course Duration:   15 months (approximately)

Holidays: Institute will remain closed on all bank holidays 

Vacations- Summer vacation from last week of April to first week of June

                   Diwali vacation - About three weeks

                   Christmas vacation – About two weeks


Course Fees-       Rs.500/- Registration Charges

Rs.30,000/- (Payable in 3 instalments)

Fees for the specialization as mentioned above in this   prospectus



  • Fees for the specialization subject will be charged at the end of the 2nd These will be linked to the subject chosen by the candidate.
  • Expenses for the optional overnight camps will be charged extra